A Message From The Editor In Chief

In the past two years, The Barbwire Blog has been a WordPress site that targets the average wrestling fan with columns, interviews and of course the Indy Power Rankings polls. But now that fully changes as starting tomorrow, The Barbwire Blog will be exclusive to Facebook to attract lots of wrestling fans from here on out. The opportunity to build the brand couldn’t happen at a better time, and now this opportunity will be more fruitful than ever.

The WordPress format will still be there as an archive to past articles, but with a Facebook presence, this brand will hit the ground running.

Thanks for the ride, and we’ll see you on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheBarbwireBlog for all the fun stuff!


Matthew Hollie


One thought on “A Message From The Editor In Chief

  1. Big mistake. You’ve given up your independence to a corrupt corporation that supports authoritarian regimes and censors people at a whim. Facebook is a ghetto. Your unique site with its own point of view will likely fade into the abyss of Facebook pages and may even be purged or censored if it displeases Zuck. Come back to WordPress and freedom!

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