A Message From The Editor-In-Chief

​March 28, 2012. That was the date that The Barbwire Blog brand was born. And in three different platforms in a span of four years, it was always about building the platform to accommodate the wrestling fans. With over 230 likes on Facebook and over 1,500 followers on Twitter which features a who’s who of wrestlers, promotions, podcasters, fans and many more I say it’s growing by the day.

2012 Barbwire Blog Hall of Famer Cheerleader Melissa

And since 2012, the Barbwire Blog Hall of Fame has become a staple of what the site has done; Honoring the past when most places don’t. The biggest criteria of being inducted is that inductees must have at 10 years of experience and so far, every inductee has met that criteria. Beginning in 2016, no more than twelve names will be considered per year, and the number of inductees for the year is totally up to the fans. If a subject doesn’t qualify for induction, he or she will remain off the consideration list for twelve months. If a subject receives 70% or higher, he or she will be inducted. And while that has been successful, there will be editor inductions as well, I’m extremely proud of this endeavor.

But now with the call of going back to the WordPress format, it seems like I had given up my full-fledged independence to a corrupt corporation that supports authoritarian regimes and censors people at a whim. Facebook to some is a ghetto. This unique site with its own point of view will likely fade into the abyss of Facebook pages and may even be purged or censored if it displeases a few people. Now it makes its return to this specific platform, just in time for this year’s awards. And with a podcast that well be released either later this year or earlier next year, this brand will be bigger and better than it was before.

The Barbwire Blog is back to WordPress and freedom.

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