The World Of Wrestling React To Donald Trump Becoming President Of The United States

It’s official. Donald Trump is now elected President of the United States. Now is the time to reorganize the Democratic party and focus on not just the midterms, but also the 2020 election. This is by far the most embarrassing night for Democrats looking to get a majority in the the Senate only to have Republicans continue to control it, along with the House of Representatives. Democrats need to reorganize, get their acts together and look forward to 2020 and pick someone who can be the difference-maker for the next decade. And in the pro wrestling world, the reactions are priceless.

LuFisto sums up the disappointment of America under Trump’s rule:

Legendary manager and booker Jim Cornette gave his reaction to the results in a series of tweets:

In regards to the media coverage, Bubba Ray Dudley gave his two cents on the issue:

Jim Ross, legendary broadcaster, offered his take on the Supreme Court vacancy:

SmackDown color commentator JBL had a few words about the election:

With the elections out of the way, RAW General Manager Mick Foley was upset about the results, but was totally optimistic about one holiday in particular:

And Matt Hardy offered words of wisdom for the incoming President:


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